I am Simo Hamkar, private traffic consultant from Finland. My legal name company Hamkar Traffic Consulting is specializing in traffic planning.

From my basic education, I am surveyor and I have recently studied to be a traffic teacher and I can be responsible for driving school activities in Finland. In addition to surveying and traffic teaching jobs, I have 5-years of experience as a bus driver. 

As a traffic consultant, my goals are to create efficient and safe traffic system for my customers.


New report “Road safety for pedestrians and cyclists” now available

The company’s second release is complete. The publication deals with development of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The publication is aimed at the use of states and their subordinate actors, such as cities and municipalities. The aim of the report is to enable states and their actors to plan and develop pedestrian and cycling needs in traffic, such as pathways, pedestrian crossings and other traffic arrangements, to ensure a safe and efficient traffic environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

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