Greetings from the consultant; who I am?

I am Simo Hamkar, founder and owner of Hamkar Traffic Consulting. I was born in 1986 in Suolahti and still live in my hometown. My family includes a wife and four children. I studied in Turku for two years. I graduated from the Turku Vocational Institute as a surveyor and as a surveyor I have gained experience in various public utility projects in my home region. During my studies, I also got to know the diverse work tasks of the City of Turku as a surveyor. In addition to my job as a surveyor, I have worked as a postman and bus driver. Most recently, I studied for myself at Gradia in Jyväskylä with the permission of a traffic teacher and permission to work and be responsible for teaching at a driving school.

I got the spark for traffic planning as a child. It all started with playing toy cars that included toy traffic signs and traffic lights. I got my first contact with the traffic plan when I was 4 years old, when I saw the so-called "Viiskulma" intersection traffic plan from City of Äänekoski. This plan blew up the interest in traffic planning. Later in school, I also became interested in urban planning and other aspects of community technology/civil engineering. I have also been interested in geography since I was a child; maps and flags.

Becoming a traffic consultant / entrepreneur was the result of long deliberation. Although I have extensive understanding and experience of traffic as a hobby and professional driver, I still had to think for a long time about what I could offer and implement to my clients as an entrepreneur. I have received a lot of more information and ideas about traffic from my studies as a transport teacher, and my experience as a surveyor in various projects has given me the credit to start working as a traffic entrepreneur. I have also received a lot of support and encouragement for entrepreneurship from family circles, relatives, friends, and people working in community technology and traffic education with whom I have previously been in contact at the work and study stage.

As an entrepreneur in the traffic planning and consulting sector, my goal is to create safe, functional and ecological solutions for my customers. In addition, I want to network in the field and collaborate with other traffic and community technology actors, organizations and entrepreneurs on various projects. I believe that the development of traffic systems will never stop. For this reason, I also believe that studying is important in order to keep up with developments in the traffic sector, so that I can develop myself as a traffic planner and develop the services of my company.

I am approachable person, social, trustworthy and cooperative. I always act with confidence and I don’t promise my clients anything I can’t accomplish. I know what I do as an expert in the field. I consider it important that my customers and, through this, the traffic users get a good result from my plans for the traffic system.