Traffic arrangements

Hamkar Traffic Consulting plans traffic arrangements (road signs, traffic lights and direction signs) for road and street sections as well as other traffic areas. In the plans, the company takes into account the Traffic User Groups, the traffic environment and other conditions. One of the consultant’s areas of strength in traffic planning is knowing and using traffic control equipment’s such as road signs.

I am able to implement for my clients a plan for traffic arrangements that will allow my clients to build or arrange road sections to be safe and functional for road users. I also implement plans for temporary traffic arrangements, for example in connection with road works or construction sites.

Road alignments

The company lines up roads and streets. The aim is always to implement the alignments in such a way that it is possible to implement the future road, street or part of the traffic area without any problems and inexpensively. At the customer’s request, Hamkar Traffic Consulting is able to implement road alignments with traffic plans.

Public transport

Hamkar Traffic Consulting develops public transport connections by making assessments of their necessity at different destinations and by aligning the necessary routes with stops. In route alignment, the goal is for the route to be effective and for the route to reach more and more passengers. In addition, the company is working to map out the necessary park and ride areas in connection with public transport routes.

Road safety strategies

Hamkar Traffic Consulting implements traffic safety strategies for states, provinces, cities and municipalities. The starting point is that the company assesses the traffic safety in the area at the customer’s request. Based on the assessments, plans are built for road sections or the entire area, if necessary. The goal is that traffic safety is realized in all traffic environments in the state, province, city or municipality. I take into account the views and goals of the customers. Cooperation with customers is important when developing a strategy.

Studies and Reports

Hamkar Traffic Consulting conducts traffic studies and reports. The company has published 2 publications in English. The first publication aims to provide guidance on the development of the traffic system and the second publication is intended to provide guidance on the development of road safety for pedestrians and cyclists.